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14 anos de tradição.

Presente Natura Kaiak Feminino
Presente Natura Kaiak Feminino
Presente Natura Kaiak Feminino


Presente Natura Kaiak Feminino

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Presente Natura Kaiak Feminino

1200 NW 49th Ct

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1200 NW 49th Ct
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Transform your mother's grooming ritual into a moisturizing and refreshing experience with Kaiak.
The Natura Kaiak Women's Gift offers a ritual with cleansing, exfoliating, moisturizing and perfuming items inspired by the power of water, the recharging of energy, the freshness that renews, activates the senses and makes us feel alive. It comes with the Kaiak Cologne Deodorant for women with an unmistakable citrus-floral fragrance, accompanied by Kaiak Exfoliating Body Soap and Kaiak Refreshing Moisturizing Body Deodorant Cream. To complete the gift, a special box with tissue paper and a message of affection on the lid.



1 Women's exfoliating liquid body soap 100 g.

1 Refreshing moisturizing body deodorant cream 100 ml.

1 Women's cologne deodorant 100 ml.

1 Special gift box G.


- Liquid soap: gel texture and formula that cleanses, perfumes and maintains the skin's natural moisture. It has particles of natural origin for gentle exfoliation.

- Cream: a quick and practical way to moisturize the whole body in the shower. With a creamy formula and mentholated ingredient, it promotes refreshment and hydration.

  • Deodorant cologne: moderate floral citrus that reveals a vibrant bergamot, apple and orange scent, ideal for everyday use.

Tips for use
Deodorant cologne: everyone has their own style when it comes to perfuming themselves. To make the most of the fragrance's potential, our tip is to apply it to strategic areas such as the wrist, neck and behind the ears.

Liquid soap: apply to damp skin on the body, except the face, and massage gently to exfoliate the skin. Rinse off afterwards.

Cream: at the end of the shower, apply the product to the body and massage in with circular movements. Rinse off afterwards.