DESDE 2008

14 anos de tradição.

Presente Natura Ekos Maracujá
Presente Natura Ekos Maracujá
Presente Natura Ekos Maracujá


Presente Natura Ekos Maracujá

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Presente Natura Ekos Maracujá

1200 NW 49th Ct

Disponível para retirada, normalmente pronto entre 2 e 4 dias

1200 NW 49th Ct
Pompano Beach FL 33064
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An invitation to self-care with a charming and refreshing fragrance.
The Natura Ekos Maracujá Gift offers a simple and refreshing care ritual. It includes Ekos Maracujá Moisturizing Deodorant Nectar, which rebalances and moisturizes the skin, together with Ekos Maracujá Frescor Cologne Deodorant, which perfumes with a delicious light fruity fragrance enriched with 100% natural aromatics. The special edition packaging was illustrated by Amazonian artist Winny Tapajós and shows the cycle of the passion fruit, its flower and leaves. It comes with a special gift bag with tissue paper and an adhesive tag.



1 Moisturizing body deodorant nectar 400 ml.

1 Deodorant cologne freshness for women 75 ml.

1 Special gift bag P.


- Nectar for the body: Made with raw passion fruit oil, this nectar combats redness, itching and skin discomfort as it soothes, protects and moisturizes while leaving a soft passion fruit fragrance. Contains special artwork, exclusive to the date.

  • Cologne deodorant: light fruity scent that brings the sweet sourness of passion fruit in contrast to the comfort of musk and wood notes. A fragrance with a natural ingredient from Brazilian biodiversity extracted from passion fruit seeds, enriched with 100% natural passion fruit aromatic extract.

Tips for use
Nectar for the body: apply Ekos Maracujá Moisturizing Deodorant Nectar to the body and massage with circular movements until completely absorbed.

Cologne deodorant: for a better scent, apply Ekos Maracujá Frescor Cologne Deodorant to areas such as the wrists, neck and behind the ears.