DESDE 2008

14 anos de tradição.

Malbec Elegant Deodorant Cologne 10ml

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Malbec Elegant Deodorant Cologne 10ml

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Malbec Elegant Deodorant Cologne 10ml

1200 NW 49th Ct

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Malbec Elegant Deodorant Cologne 10ml
Malbec Elegant exudes sophistication in every movement.

This unusual translation reveals new codes of sophistication and redefines what an elegant and seductive woody fragrance is.

The fragrance's 10 ml bottle is ideal for making it your favorite fragrance to keep close at hand.

Tones of freshness emerge with citrus and slightly spicy nuances that inspire a lot of attitude at the start. Its evolution brings as its protagonist the noble connection of woods with an innovative and masculine floral signature through the exclusive Florawood Chord: a unique blend of the most masculine floral notes in perfumery, harmonized with the valuable woody structure of black ebony.

Malbec Elegant brings elegance through the lens of a floral woody scent with masculine authenticity.

Olfactory family:

Floral Woody.

No O Boticário product is tested on animals, meaning this item is Cruelty Free.