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Kit Eudora Siàge Hair-Plasty Trio (3 Products)


Kit Eudora Siàge Hair-Plasty Trio (3 Products)

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Kit Eudora Siàge Hair-Plasty Trio (3 Products)

1200 NW 49th Ct

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1200 NW 49th Ct
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Kit Eudora Siàge Hair-Plasty Trio (3 Products)

Kit with shampoo, conditioner and mask for damaged hair. Eudora Siàge Hair-Plastia Trio leaves hair super hydrated, shiny and soft.

The Eudora Siàge Hair-Plasty Trio presents the Eudora hair care line that uses the best technology to promote a real plastic surgery on the hair, correcting lesions and performing a three-dimensional hydration with all the care that your hair needs.

Developed with Artificial Intelligence and Bio Hyaluronic, Siàge Hair-Plastia line brings innovative technology to care for the hair. Artificial Intelligence combined thousands of data and studied people's behaviour to precisely meet consumers' needs. Hair-Plasty is Siàge's most technological line acting directly on the structure of the strand to promote a real hair plastic surgery and correct hair lesions. Thus, it improves the quality of the hair from the first use.


Eudora Siàge Hair-Plasty - Shampoo 250ml: its formula free of salt, petrolatum, parabens and dyes allows gentle cleansing without drying out the strands. Helps repair hair damage while promoting intense hydration.

Eudora Siàge Hair-Plastia - Capillary Mask 250g: makes an instant capillary plastic surgery. It retains the water in the hair fiber, maintaining hydration in all layers of the thread and eliminates porosity. The result is soft and full-bodied hair.

Eudora Siàge Hair-Plastia - Conditioner 200ml: seals the hair cuticle after the mask treatment and untangles, making it easier to comb the hair.