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Siàge Cauterização Hair Conditioner 200ml
Siàge Cauterização Hair Conditioner 200ml


Siàge Cauterização Hair Conditioner 200ml

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Siàge Cauterização Hair Conditioner 200ml

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Siàge Cauterization Conditioner 200ml

Siàge Cauterization Conditioner has an effective anti-knot action, untangles the strands immediately and ensures hydrated hair from the inside of the fibers.

The Siàge Cauterization Line acts in two ways

1 - Fills in the weakened areas of the wire, making its texture more uniform and returning its vitality.

2 - It restores the natural barrier of the hair and protects the strands, preventing them from being damaged again.


- Cauterized hair from the 1st application for a salon result at home;

- Restores the texture of hair cuticles, leaving hair extremely soft, shiny and well treated without hardening the hair;

- With gradual action power: better cared for hair with each use.

With self-heating technology:

When applying the product and rubbing your hands, you will feel a slight heating, this makes the actives penetrate more effectively in the strands besides guaranteeing several benefits. Greater performance!

Cauterizes without using the heat of the hair dryer and the iron. It's fast! It is practical!

It can be used on all types of hair in need of cauterization. It's democratic!

The line is enriched with Amino Acids and Collagen. The Collagen is of vegetable origin.


- Vegan Line.

- Cold filling manufacturing with lower energy consumption and CO2 reduction.

- Not tested on animals.

For best results, get to know the complete Siàge Cauterização dos Fios line.