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14 anos de tradição.

Combo Siàge Glow Expert (4 itens)
Combo Siàge Glow Expert (4 itens)
Combo Siàge Glow Expert (4 itens)


Combo Siàge Glow Expert (4 itens)

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Siàge Glow Expert Combo (4 items)
The Siàge Glow Expert Combo delivers moisturized hair with a mirror-like shine and a high light-reflecting capacity.


Siàge Glow Expert Shampoo cleanses hair without drying it out, guaranteeing shine for your hair. Its formula contains Glacier Flower, which recreates the icy bath on the hair, and Glossfix, a component with a high light-reflecting capacity.


Siàge Glow Expert Conditioner delivers 90% more disciplined hair, with 72 hours of shine and 100% return of shine. In addition to sealing the cuticles, high light-reflecting capacity and an incredible salon result for your hair.


The Siàge Glow Expert Disciplining Balm guarantees easy application and a light texture that doesn't weigh hair down. Its formula guarantees a glow effect, reduced hair porosity, thermal protection, reduced frizz and 2x more disciplined hair.


The Siàge Ultra Glow Expert Hair Mask guarantees an invisible film that evens out the hair cuticle, delivering full hair repair with lots of softness, shine and deep hydration. Its active ingredients recreate the icy bath on the hair, reflecting the light and fixing the shine.

No Eudora product is tested on animals, so this item is Cruelty Free.