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14 anos de tradição.

CHEIRINHO DE BEBÊ Óleo Corporal Cheirinho De Bebê 140ml

Cheirinho de Bebê

CHEIRINHO DE BEBÊ Óleo Corporal Cheirinho De Bebê 140ml

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Cheirinho De Bebê Body Oil 140ml will leave your baby feeling on cloud nine with a velvety caress for the delicate skin of your little treasure. This oil is more than a treat, it's a sensory experience that brings comfort and well-being. With its rich formula, enriched with Almond Oil and Vitamin E, it is perfect for soothing and moisturizing babies' soft skin.
As well as providing deep hydration, this oil is designed to be used in gentle body massages and to help remove crusts from newborns' scalps. It's as gentle as a mother's hug and has been carefully formulated to minimize any risk of allergies, being dermatologically tested and approved.

- Moisturizes the skin;
- Soft skin;
- Dermatologically tested.

How to use: Apply the oil to your hands and start massaging baby's body, making light, circular movements.