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14 anos de tradição.

Bluwe Molde Naturalidade F1 - 120 units


Bluwe Molde Naturalidade F1 - 120 units

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Product description

Bluwe Mould Naturalness F1 is perfect for natural structures. It has a low tension point area. This allows for more assertive symmetry, optimises time and reduces product waste.

For all natural shapes: square, almond, ballerina, etc.

QUANTITY: The pack comes with 120 pieces

Apply a layer of Gummy Gel or Polygel to the inside of the mould, place on the nail and catalyse with a UV torch for 10 seconds. Then catalyse in the booth for 60 seconds.

INDICATION FOR USE: Suitable for nail extensions with Gummy Gel or Polygel.

COLOUR: Transparent