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Amaciante de Cutículas e Calosidades Repos 120ml


Cuticle and Callus Softener - 150ml

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The Repos' Cuticle and Callus Softener is a product that will advance your work or your manicure at home. This softener provides the softening of cuticles and calluses in a few seconds and without the use of warm water, has a super easy handling because of the dosing device in the bottle that facilitates the application of the product on the cuticles. Antibacterial and biodegradable, the softener provides more health to your nails and reduces the risk of contamination because there is no need to wet the nails in basins. The cuticle and callus softener has no smell and does not leave your nails yellowed, so it is a quality product, quick and practical to use, both for professional use and for home use, leaving your nails with the perfect finish.

How to apply the Cuticle and Callus Softener:

Apply the product directly to the cuticles.
Then place cotton wools on the nails for the product to set and be absorbed by the skin.
Wait ten to twenty seconds for the softener to act.
Then remove the cotton.
Now the cuticles are soft enough to be pushed and removed.
In case of calluses, apply the cuticle and callus softener directly on the affected area and let it act for three minutes. In excessive cases the softener can be used with warm water.

Composition of the Cuticle and Callus Softener Aqua, Sodium Hydroxide, Isopropyl Alcohol, Sodium Laureth Sulface and Cidric Acid.

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